Artega acts on customer requests, in conjunction with the corresponding technical services, to provide all required type-approvals. Artega itself has holds a KBA permit since several years, along with its own WMI number, and its involvement in many projects has left it well-familiarised with worldwide homologation and type-approval requirements. 



Intensive validation procedures guarantee the right quality when it comes to the results of development work. The benchmark here is set both by legislative requirements and the corresponding specifications, which often go beyond the legal minimums.


A complete, structured description of the results of development work is a prerequisite for all approval-related activities concerning vehicles destined for specific markets. Artega has at its disposal the means to carry out these tasks in parallel with development work, thereby saving time; and knows all the key procedures (PPAP, FMEA, PHA and so on) inside out.


Artega has long experience with European Union type-approval procedures, and can also obtain the corresponding FMVSS permits. Artega likewise has authorisation to issue COC certificates.

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